What Hamilton Teaches About Leadership

Revolution can happen when you least expect it, especially in the workplace. When Lin-Manuel Miranda performed the first song from his Alexander Hamilton concept album, during a White House event in 2009, the rendition was inevitably met with a standing ovation. There were also reactions throughout the performance that seem outright sacrilegious as we lookContinue Reading “What Hamilton Teaches About Leadership”

Railbird's Nest

Railbird’s Nest #27: Chris Barron on Angry Republicans

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – Google Play Music – RSS  Chris Barron (@ChrisRBarron) is BACK! We started off by talking about my podcast appearance on Paul Hebert’s podcast series about what we wished someone would have told us when we started our careers. Chris has some interesting perspective about burning bridges. And I’m a coward. We move onContinue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #27: Chris Barron on Angry Republicans”