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Railbird’s Nest #12: Allan Fee on Radio and Civil Strife

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS    Allan Fee (@AllanFee) finishes off 2015 with a call to Railbird’s Nest to talk about fun things, but we ended up talking about serious things. Things went from some inside-radio talk, through a few quick football ideas, to a long conversation about Tamir Rice, protests, and the civil establishment inContinue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #12: Allan Fee on Radio and Civil Strife”

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Railbird’s Nest #11: Tammy Colson and DisruptHR

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS  Tammy Colson (@TLColson) calls in to peal back the curtain on Human Resources. It turns out, not all HR people are evil. Who knew? We talk in depth about how and what HR means, and some of the ways to harness the power of outside the box thinking. DisruptHR (@Disrupt_HR) isContinue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #11: Tammy Colson and DisruptHR”

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Railbird’s Nest #10: Josh Womack and Laugh Staff

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS  Josh Womack (@JoshuaWomack82) calls the podcast to talk about stand-up comedy, Laugh Staff (@LaughStaff), his new gig copy writing at Progressive Insurance (@Progressive). (I made a big deal in the intro about Josh telling us where he works later in the show, but why keep that a secret if I can promote thatContinue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #10: Josh Womack and Laugh Staff”

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Railbird’s Nest #9: Tony Mazur and Wexler’s Tavern

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS  Tony Mazur (@TonyMazur) joined me at Wexler’s Tavern (@WexlersTavern) and talked about all sorts of Cleveland stuff. From Wexler’s Tavern’s namesake, Mushy Wexler, to the stigma of fixing Cleveland, to some Cleveland sports media secrets. There are a few sound issues in the first 10 minutes or so. Don’t hate me tooContinue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #9: Tony Mazur and Wexler’s Tavern”

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Railbird’s Nest #8: Ken Carman Has a Past

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS  It finally happened. Ken Carman (@KenCarman) called the studio1My basement. and took me to school. We talked about his current gig – the morning festivities at 92.3 the Fan – his past gigs – the Hellride on the Fan, some station in Akron no one ever listened to, the Akron RubberducksContinue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #8: Ken Carman Has a Past”

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Railbird’s Nest #7: Hayden Grove and The Leap

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS  Scout’s Hayden Grove (@H_Grove) gets on the Skype machine to talk about his journey through Cleveland’s media landscape, from his time at Ohio State to his current gig at Scout. When we started the podcast, I really thought we’d hit a few media topics, then start talking about Cleveland sports news.Continue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #7: Hayden Grove and The Leap”

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Railbird’s Nest #6: Chris Barron on Politics and Sandwiches

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS  Chris Barron (@ChrisRBarron) opens his third Railbird’s Nest appearance with questionable sandwich taste, but makes up for it later with a solid taco opinion. In between food discussions, we tackle what’s gone on at Missouri, Ben Carson’s weird lies, and Donald Trump. Some day we won’t have to talk about Trump,Continue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #6: Chris Barron on Politics and Sandwiches”

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Railbird’s Nest #5: Craig Lyndall Loves Podcasting

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS  Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) and I talked about what Grantland did for podcasts, and what effects ESPN shutting the site down may have on our favorite medium. We referenced a really good thing Clay Travis wrote on the subject. (Yes. THAT Clay Travis. I feel dirty not hating him.) (BRB. Writing Clay Travis hatemail.)Continue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #5: Craig Lyndall Loves Podcasting”


Cleveland Trending Topics, 11/3/15

Here is some quick bloggery about Cleveland’s Twitter Trending topics on Tuesday, November 3, 2015. #ElectionDay #issue3 #NationalSandwichDay Vote YES Somehow #NationalSandwichDay became the meat in an #ElectionDay hoagie1ba-dum-tss. This off year election is especially important in Ohio, as the state is on the precipice of legalizing marijuana use. There are a thousand arguments forContinue Reading “Cleveland Trending Topics, 11/3/15”

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Railbird’s Nest #4: Chris Barron Helps Hate Sports Leagues

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes – RSS  Chris Barron is back to talk about bad marketing strategy from MLB and NFL. No Pete Rose? I would ban  Alex Rodriguez for this weird photo shoot before I would ban Pete Rose from baseball. No football vines, Kirk Cousins’ vine will drive fans to watch the Redskins. Chris wrote a column about dicksContinue Reading “Railbird’s Nest #4: Chris Barron Helps Hate Sports Leagues”