My “What I Wish I Had Been Told with Paul Hebert” Guest Appearance

My “What I Wish I Had Been Told with Paul Hebert” Guest Appearance

I was a guest on Paul Hebert’s great What I Wish I Had Been Told Podcast series recently, and spent some time talking about being calm and reasonable in the workplace.

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Being trusted to be calm and reasonable might be the most important tenet of leadership. Vision, knowledge, and experience are all great qualities in a leader, but those assets quickly depreciate if there’s no ability to see the team through inevitable storms.

Yet, as I talk about the weight being calm carries in the workplace, I found myself in a situation that took me right to the edge of calmness between the recording date of my guest appearance and its release.

What I learned in the last couple of weeks is that, no matter what is going on around us, restraint is still the key to success. While I was a bit louder than I would have liked to be recently, I know I was able to keep my points rooted in sanity (I deleted the word ‘firmly’ there. Nobody’s perfect). Some things should be done and talked about – there’s just no way around it – even when those things seeing the light of day may test our will to remain calm and reasonable.

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I encourage any of my friends who have a story to tell about what they wish they had been told heading into their professional life to contact Paul about being on his podcast. The format is easy, the time commitment is easy, and the possible payoff of helping someone through an issue is priceless.

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