10 Bands That Would Be Better with Axl Rose

10 Bands That Would Be Better with Axl Rose

Josh Womack wrote this and Dan Armelli did the photo edits. Josh Flagner is just the hood ornament on this one. 

The news broke this week that Axl Rose will be fronting AC/DC for the remainder of their ‘Rock or Bust’ tour in addition to singing for the newly reunited Guns N Roses.

Why stop there?

Here are 10 bands that would also be better with Rose at the helm.

Axl Rose One Direction
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

One Direction – Since Zayn Malik left in 2015 the group has been deprived of a fifth member. If you look closely, Harry Styles actually resembles a young Axl back in the day. The boy band would definitely get a lot more street cred if they added Rose…and 50-year-old groupies.

Axl Rose Coldplay
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Coldplay – A Super Bowl performance with Rose on lead vocals would have been better then what we were subjected to back in February. I don’t know the titles of any Coldplay songs, but anything has to be better than Chris Martin.

Axl Rose Nickelback Photograph
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Nickelback – Call me an old soul, but I actually like Chad Kroeger’s butt-rock singing style. STILL, I think “Photograph “ would pull on the heartstrings just little more with Axl screeching through it.

Axl Rose Bon Jovi
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Bon Jovi – This band needs a real lead singer and not some guy who wants to buy football teams. Bon Jovi wrote a handful of great songs at just the right time, and every couple years the band comes out with another rally anthem. I know the band is named after the lead singer, but ‘Livin on a Prayer’ was pretty much Axl’s life back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.  This would be sweet.

Axl Rose Dixie Chicks
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Dixie Chicks – Three women is way too many, admit it.

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Axl Rose Stone Temple Pilots
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Stone Temple Pilots – The ole’ switch-a-roo! With the late Scott Weiland fronting Velvet Revolver in the early 2000’s (complete with Slash, Duff and Matt Sorum), it only makes sense that Rose steps in for ‘Interstate Love Song’. I can actually hear Rose swaying and singing along to gems like ‘Sour Girl’ and “Vaseline”. Wow, this one actually makes sense.

Axl Rose Liv Tyler
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Aerosmith – I love Steven Tyler, but seeing Axl Rose sing ‘Dream On’ would be life changing.

Axl Rose Spice Girls
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Spice Girls – Axl was one of the hottest chicks back in the day so naturally this would be awesome.

Axl Rose Bad Company Feel Like Makin Love
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Bad Company – Getting goose bumps about this one! Bad Company is some of the best adult-oriented rock music, and Paul Rodgers is one of the best voices EVER. BUT I think Axl could really rock out “Feel Like Makin’ Love” and “Shooting Star”.

Axl Rose Van Halen
Photo edit: Dan Armelli (@dano708)

Van Halen – Not sure how Axl would be able to do high-kicks with a broken leg, but I think Rose would somehow bring balance between the Van Halen and Van Hagar eras. The ginger from Indiana could also do a more than adequate job of matching Roth’s stage presence and squeals. And at least it’s not Gary Cherone.

Josh Womack is the co-founder of @Laughstaff. He loves tight t-shirts… on himself. Dan Armelli goes to Kent State and watches a lot of House, M.D.