Railbird’s Nest #18: Ben Axelrod Likes the WWE
Railbird's Nest

Railbird’s Nest #18: Ben Axelrod Likes the WWE


Ben Axelrod (@BenAxelrod) from Bleacher Report sat on the top rope of the nest and dropped a main event worthy WWE conversation on us.

We outlined the differences between the Attitude Era – when I was a big fan and Ben was a virgin – and the the modern WWE. From in the ring to on the mic, we talk about everyone from Rocky Maivia to Dean Ambrose, with lots of shout outs to Stone Cold Steve Austin in between.

We also hit on Daniel Bryan’s medical retirement from the WWE. Watch this video. Seriously. Go watch this video. It’s a Deadspin link. Don’t judge me.

Ben also has a podcast, and it’s almost as cool as mine. You can check out The Varsity Club to listen for Ben and Jeff Svoboda talking about “REAL” sports like “COLLEGE FOOTBALL”.

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