Railbird’s Nest #9: Tony Mazur and Wexler’s Tavern
Railbird's Nest

Railbird’s Nest #9: Tony Mazur and Wexler’s Tavern


Tony Mazur (@TonyMazur) joined me at Wexler’s Tavern (@WexlersTavern) and talked about all sorts of Cleveland stuff. From Wexler’s Tavern’s namesake, Mushy Wexler, to the stigma of fixing Cleveland, to some Cleveland sports media secrets. There are a few sound issues in the first 10 minutes or so. Don’t hate me too much, I was drinking Christmas Ale. (I need a producer.)

I lost a great story about Wexler’s Tavern due to some technical issues. (It’s like I’m a rookie.) Make sure to go to Wexler’s and ask Chef Mike about Shorty’s in the Flats. He makes the best burgers and has the best stories.

Don’t forget to drop Eric Fischer (@illstr8r) a line to tell him how great my new coMazurver art looks! The guy is a savant, and I’m lucky that he allows me to hang around as a client!


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