Railbird’s Nest #8: Ken Carman Has a Past
Railbird's Nest

Railbird’s Nest #8: Ken Carman Has a Past


It finally happened. Ken Carman (@KenCarman) called the studio1My basement. and took me to school. We talked about his current gig – the morning festivities at 92.3 the Fan – his past gigs – the Hellride on the Fan, some station in Akron no one ever listened to, the Akron Rubberducks (nee Aeros) – and we went to the liquor store.

Along the way, we hit words you can’t say on the radio2bukkake, long hugs, getting fired, smoking camels, and taking craps in McDonald’s. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of from Ken Carman.

Don’t forget to drop Eric Fischer (@illstr8r) a line to tell him how great my new cover art looks! The guy is a savant, and I’m lucky that he allows me to hang around as a client!


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