Railbird’s Nest #5: Craig Lyndall Loves Podcasting
Railbird's Nest

Railbird’s Nest #5: Craig Lyndall Loves Podcasting


Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) and I talked about what Grantland did for podcasts, and what effects ESPN shutting the site down may have on our favorite medium. We referenced a really good thing Clay Travis wrote on the subject. (Yes. THAT Clay Travis. I feel dirty not hating him.)

(BRB. Writing Clay Travis hatemail.)

We both really love podcasts, and that showed in this episode. From Craig’s beginnings at the Waiting for Next Year Podcast, to his current ventures at the Cleveland Scene Podcast (SUBSCRIBE HERE), we talked about his travels through this new medium in Cleveland media. If you want to try out the band we talked about on the show, check out Beach Slang here. It was really cool interview, and I’m going to go listen now.

Just as we were wrapping up, I mentioned the Browns and Ray Farmer. Shit got weird.

*Editor’s Note: Craig was far too lazy to send me links, so I want full credit for promoting his shit.

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