Cleveland Trending Topics, 11/3/15

Cleveland Trending Topics, 11/3/15

Here is some quick bloggery about Cleveland’s Twitter Trending topics on Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

Somehow #NationalSandwichDay became the meat in an #ElectionDay hoagie1ba-dum-tss. This off year election is especially important in Ohio, as the state is on the precipice of legalizing marijuana use. There are a thousand arguments for and against Ohio’s Issue 3. I can’t tell anyone how to vote – hell, I don’t WANT to, either – but I can tell you this: If you’re worried about crime or a dangerous environment in any way, you’re not paying attention. Not to what’s happened in states where marijuana is already legal, or to what’s going on in your own neighborhood.

I like Jimmy John’s sandwiches, art, and weird things used as censor bars. The Jimmy John’s tweet covers everything. Here are some sandwich facts:

  • Hot dogs are not a sandwich, but you CAN make a sandwich using hot dog ingredients
  • The best sandwich is a simple ham and swiss on King’s Hawaiian bread. 
  • McGriddles are terrible. 
  • Tacos > Sandwiches
  • The best sandwich condiment is Miracle Whip.


The Tennessee Titans fired head coach Ken Whisenhunt after amassing a 3-20 record under his watch. That’s historically bad, which is probably why this news is trending in Cleveland.

This is a terrible hashtag.

taylor_swift-pg-horizontalTwitter changed favorites over to likes. Now, instead of putting a star on something and declaring to the world that you have a favorite, you’re putting a heart on something and telling the world that you’re rereading that tweet through the heart shape hand thing.

I’m not sure why anyone would be complaining about this, unless they’re just retired and drunk. No one is going to use likes any different than they use favorites. And if they do, well, Twitter is still free.

Retweets are better, anyway.

This is about a boy band called Emblem3. I’m old and don’t know what this means. Whatever. I used a picture of Taylor Swift a minute ago, so get off me.

The Washington Nationals couldn’t get a manager, then they got Dusty Baker.  Dusty doesn’t suck, and Washington doesn’t suck, but the Nationals are a lost cause. As a Cleveland fan, I have a lot of experience watching dysfunction leak through an organization from the top, and how Baker ended up in Washington is an indication there’s something wrong behind the walls.

This is big, believe it or not.

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