Railbird’s Nest #1: Jeff Rich and More Than a Fan
Railbird's Nest

Railbird’s Nest #1: Jeff Rich and More Than a Fan

Jeff Rich, with his wife Jen. She's the cute one.
Jeff Rich, with his wife Jen. She’s the cute one.


This is a big day. Probably. This is the first ever Railbird’s Nest, a podcast about current events, pop culture, interesting people, sports, and whatever the hell else life throws at you. It’s so new, I don’t even have a logo yet. (If you’re interested in making me a logo, holler.) Or an iTunes feed. Or a plan.

The first episode will be a bit of a look back on what brought me here; to an aimless vanity URL and explicit content podcast. I couldn’t do that without the man who took my place at my last place, Jeff Rich. 

Jeff and I end up talking about music, fan behavior, and the history of More Than a Fan. I’m happy to start off my new podcast venture by continuing my streak of never being smarter than any of my guests.

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